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How To Care For Clematis Paniculata Plants

Clematis paniculata klem-AT-iss, pan-ick-yoo-LAH-tuh is commonly known as Sweet Autumn Clematis.It also has several different Latin names, such as:Clematis maximowiczianaClematis dioscoreifoliaClematis ternifloraThis perennial vining plant hails from Japan, and with its rapid growth and abundant, fragrant flowers, it is a popular addition to the summer garden around the world.
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Cactus - Succulents

Learn How To Grow Dragon Fruit Flower

Dragon fruit flower, also called Pitaya pit-EYE-ah , is an exotic fruit cactus with colorful leaves, flowers, and fruits.Pitaya typically refers to the fruit of a genus columnar – Stenocereus which has a prominent exterior with scaly spikes.The fruiting cactus is native to various regions of Central America and South America and is cultivated in Colombia, Florida, Australia, Mexico, the Caribbean, Southeast Asia, Thailand, and tropical and subtropical parts of the world.
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Growing Tips

Fall Planting: Is Fall A Good Time To Plant?

Fall is a good time to plant. The pleasant weather tempts one to be outside. Moisture conditions are usually good.If spring planting is delayed by cold, wet weather, many valuable weeks of growing weather are given the plants if they have been planted in the fall.Give Perennial Plants Time To Get EstablishedFall planting allows perennial plants time to get well established and be ready to start actively growing when spring arrives.
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How To Grow And Care For Asiatic Lily

The Asiatic lily (Lilium asiatica) makes a perfect plant for landscape design. One of the hardiest and most popular type of lilies grown, this true lily when planted correctly, produce long-lasting flowers.Beginners new to planting bulbs find Asiatic lilies among the easiest of all lilies to play with.
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How To Make A Spooky Tomato Cage Ghost

It’s almost Halloween time again and that means its time to dig through your storage and start setting up that front yard for the 31st!Before you put that tomato cage away for the season… Wait we have a few more uses it this year!Related Reading: Preserving Carved PumpkinsYou don’t have to bust out the old cobwebs and witch stickers, we got the best front yard decoration right here!
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