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Have You Ever Wondered… WHY My Succulent Is Dying?

Have You Ever Wondered… WHY My Succulent Is Dying?

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The post looks at the care for succulents. The focus is on the scenario where the succulent may be dying due to under-watering. You may ask if they are planted in the right soil and what is the best soil for succulents?

It discusses various aspects of the succulents and attempts to analyze the visual clues regarding the succulents’ health.

While the readers may be concerned that their plants may be dying, this may not be the case. The physical condition of the plant doesn’t always reflect the true health of the plant.

Learn several visual myths which are debunked and gives readers the information needed to treat their succulents. More at:

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Watch the video: Sunburned Succulent care dying ECHEVERIA brown spots leaves - with MOODY BLOOMS (July 2022).


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