10 Beautiful Hibiscus To WOW Your Patio

10 Beautiful Hibiscus To WOW Your Patio

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Image: Simple Pleasures – Hidden Valley Hibiscus

The hibiscus… Over the past few decades the hibiscus has become a popular spring plant and a perfect addition to a patio. Most are familiar with the red or pink varieties – but the hibiscus color landscape is changing.

To broaden your hibiscus horizons we present 10 beautiful hibiscus to check out. Then keep an eye out at your local garden center – spring colors may be changing. Learn Hibiscus tree care here.

Beachfront Cosmo – Costa Farms

Monsoon Mixer – Costa Farms

Cherry Mojito – Costa Farms

“Tahitian Solar Fire” – Pinterest

‘Electric Red’ – Hidden Valley Hibiscus

‘Flamboyant’ – Hidden Valley Hibiscus

‘Acapulco Gold’ – Hidden Valley Hibiscus

‘Magic Crystal’ – Hidden Valley Hibiscus

Ingenue – Hort Couture

Red Darling Hibiscus – Monrovia

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Watch the video: Beautiful Hibiscus flowers mandaarapulu from my garden (July 2022).


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